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Evra Patch

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Evra Patch


As a combined hormonal contraceptives (CHCs), EVRA is one of the most reliable reversible methods of contraception (if used correctly). It’s also a highly convenient form of contraception, because it doesn’t require you to remember to take it on a daily basis.

What is the Use of EVRA?

EVRA is a contraceptive medication intended to prevent a woman from getting pregnant.


EVRA and How it Works

EVRA is made up of two sex hormones as active ingredients. They are norelgestromin, a progesterone and ethinyl estradiol, an estrogen. Since it contains two different hormones, EVRA is regarded as a combined hormonal contraceptive. This medication mainly works by preventing the egg release during the menstrual cycle, a process called ovulation.  

The Benefits of EVRA

Using EVRA is beneficial for women who want to avoid getting pregnant. This medication allows them to have more freedom in their sex lives and daily lives. Because of these hormones, EVRA also helps regulate menstrual cycles and even stop the pain symptoms altogether for some women.   Because it is a combined hormonal contraceptive (CHCs), EVRA is considered to be the most reliable method of contraception if used properly, not to mention it is also reversible. On top of it, EVRA is formulated in a highly convenient form. With this method of contraception, you won't have to remember to take your daily dose.  

How to use Evra Patch

Since the Evra Patch requires a prescription when buying, always follow the doctor's advice for your safety. You can also read on the patient information sheet enclosed in the medication package.   The EVRA drug is specially formulated as a patch with the side designed to stick to your skin. To apply it, use your clean and dry hands to open the foil packet. Then remove the patch.

Next, remove the clear plastic covering. Press the sticky side of the patch firmly on to your skin. Apply it on either side of the upper back, abdomen/stomach, outside part of the arm, or buttocks. Hold it for around 10 seconds and then leave it on for the next 7 days. Then using the same method, replace it with another patch. Repeat this process for 3 weeks then observe 7 days with no patch. Under such time, you are still protected from getting pregnant.

Remember to always change EVRA medication on the same day and time for each week. Do not wear the same patch for more than 7 days. You should only wear one EVRA at a time. Do not cut or tamper it in any way. Make sure to apply your patch in an area where redness or irritation happens. Do not use oils, creams, lotions or even makeup in the same area. In order to minimize possible irritation, rotate the area where you apply the next patch.  

When to Use the Evra Patch

If you are not currently using hormonal contraception, or transferring into oral contraceptive, you must wait for your menstrual period to begin and apply the patch on the first day of your period. If you are able to start your EVRA patch on the first day, then you must use non-hormonal contraceptive methods like condoms until the eight day. That's when you apply the next patch.   This patch is designed to work while doing normal activities like exercising, showering, and taking a sauna.

However, you must always check the patch not to let it fall during these activities.
  For women who just gave birth a baby, had a miscarriage, or an abortion, always follow your doctor's advise on using EVRA.  

The proper dosing of Evra

For every 20 cm2 of EVRA transdermal patch, it contains norelgestromin (NGMN) 6 mg and ethinyl estradiol (EE) 600 micrograms.  

How to buy Evra Patch online

You can safely purchase EVRA on the internet here at Undoctored. You just need to have an online consultation with our available medical doctor before we process your order. This online consultation ensures that EVRA is the best medication for your condition.
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