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Levothyroxine is an effective medication, used to treat hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). The thyroid gland produces hormones to control growth and energy levels, but those with an underactive thyroid do not produce the necessary amount. Levothyroxine is used to replenish this.

What Levothyroxine Is

Commonly known as Euthyrox and Thyroxine, Levothyroxine is a prescription used for the management of hypothyroidism, also called as an underactive thyroid, which replaces the hormonal level that your body does not naturally create.

How Levothyroxine works

Levothyroxine is a synthetic variety of the thyroxine hormone that well thyroid glands create. For people who are suffering from an underactive thyroid, the gland is not creating enough and Levothyroxine therefore improves this level.

Levothyroxine: Benefits of Taking It

Patients with an underactive thyroid may not show signs, as indicators rarely present themselves straight away. However, in the long run, hypothyroidism can lead to depression, tiredness and weight gain. Taking Levothyroxine raises the thyroxine hormones level in your body, which stops the signs of an underactive thyroid.

How to use Levothyroxine?

Levothyroxine, also called Thyroxine, L-Thyroxine, and Euthyrox, is a prescription-only medication. Always follow the instruction of your physician and read carefully the patient information leaflet included in the medication packaging.  Swallow the medicine with plenty of water, preferably before breakfast. You may be taking this prescription for the rest of your life so it is significant that you know how to properly take it.

The proper dosage of Levothyroxine?

The regular Levothyroxine tablet comes in 5 strengths. These are 12.5mcg, 25mcg, 75mcg, 50mcg and 100mcg. Your physician will decide on what dose to start on based on the outcomes of your blood test. Majority of adults normally start with 50-100mcg daily, but this dose may be raised and adjusted every 3-4 weeks until your thyroxine levels are right. Your final daily dose can be up to 100-200 micrograms daily, which can be taken up in many different ways.

For instance, 100mcg daily dose may possibly be taken as four 25mcg tablets or as a single 100mcg tablet.  If you missed a dose of your medication, then you should take it the soonest possible time after you remember. However, if it is almost time for the following dose then you may skip the forgotten one and continue with your next dose. Do not take a twice dose to make up for a skipped one.

If you take Levothyroxine tablets more than you should then get in touch with emergency service or your doctor right away. Overdose Symptoms include irregular heartbeat, a fever or chest pain. You must not stop taking Levothyroxine doses unless you are specifically advised by a prescriber or a doctor. These drugs are for life long use and you should take them for as long as instructed.

How to buy Levothyroxine online?

You can purchase Levothyroxine online at Undoctored. Levothyroxine is the standard version of Euthyrox. It is also called Thyroxine or L-thyroxine, for short. You will need to schedule a virtual consultation with a medical physician first before your order will be given. The online consultation will make sure that Levothyroxine is the proper prescription for your medical state.
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