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Losartan belongs to the class of medicines called angiotensin II receptor antagonists. Losartan works by blocking the action of some natural substances that tighten the blood vessels.

What is Losartan

Losartan is a prescription for the management of hypertension or high blood pressure and to help safeguard the kidneys from the complications due to diabetes. Losartan is also recommended for the purpose of lessening the risk of a patient to strokes if he has high blood pressure or an enlarged heart. Lowering down the high blood pressure can aid in the prevention of kidney problems, strokes, and heart attacks. This prescription belongs to the class of medicines commonly called as angiotensin receptor blockers.

How Losartan works

Losartan comes from the class of drugs called angiotensin II receptor antagonists. Losartan’s work is to block the action of particular natural substances that tighten up the blood vessels. Losartan helps the heart pump blood well and smoothens the flow of blood and.

The benefits of taking Losartan

The key benefit of taking Losartan is reducing blood pressure. The medication also efficiently lowers the chances of strokes in patients suffering from an enlarged heart and high blood pressure. This medicine is proven to lower the blood pressure that helps prevent kidney problems, heart attacks, and strokes.

How to use Losartan?

Strictly follow the directions on the medicine label. Consult the pharmacist or your doctor if there is anything that you need to clarify. Take Losartan exactly as advised by your physician. Do not take it more often or take more or less of it than recommended by your doctor. Losartan is a tablet that must be taken by mouth. It is commonly taken once or twice a day with or without a meal.

It would be easy to remember if you will take Losartan at around the same time everyday.
Your physician will probably start you on a low dose of this prescription and gradually the dose will be increased as your body gets used to it. When giving this prescription to a child, and the child is having trouble swallowing the tablet, inform your doctor or pharmacist. They can formulate a Losartan in liquid form for your child. Losartan manages high blood pressure nevertheless, it does not cure it.

Expect your blood pressure to lower on your first few weeks of medication, but you may experience the full benefits of the drug after 3 to 6 weeks. Continue taking this medication even if you start to feel well. Do not stop taking this prescription unless otherwise with the approval of your doctor.

Proper dosage of Losartan

Losartan tablets are commonly taken once or twice a day, depending on the order of your physician. Your physician will probably start you on the lower dose of this prescription and will eventually increase it as your body gets used to it.

Precautions & Side effects

Your physician prescribed this medication for the reason that he believed that taking it has greater benefit than the threat of side effects. Many people who use this prescription did not experience severe side effects. Dizziness or Lightheadedness may be experienced as your body gets used to this medication. If these effects continue or worsen, call your physician immediately. Ask your physician immediately if you will be experiencing severe side effects, such as slow or irregular heartbeat, fainting, or signs of high potassium blood level such as slow or irregular heartbeat and muscle weakness.

Losartan may also be taken to prevent kidney problems or treat patients with kidney complications, but it may seldom cause severe kidney problems or worsen kidney problems. Your physician needs to observe functions of your kidney while you are taking this prescription.  Inform your physician right away if you face any symptoms of kidney problems, such as differ in the amount of urine. Report to your physician if you suffer from any other side effects that may be associated with the use of Losartan. Report to your doctor if you have any allergies or if you are allergic to losartan. It may contain inactive components that may trigger responses or other problems. Inform your doctor of your medical history, specifically of severe dehydration and of liver, before you start taking losartan.

This prescription can make you feel dizzy. The use of marijuana or alcohol can make you feel dizzier. Do not operate machinery, drive a vehicle, or do several other activities that need alertness not until you are definite that you can accomplish the task safely. Discuss with your physician your marijuana use and limit your consumption of alcohol.  Potassium level may increase when using Losartan. Ask your pharmacist or physician before you start taking salt alternatives that contain potassium or any potassium supplements.

Your medical doctor should know all the medications you are currently using before you go through any surgical procedure. Losartan is not suggested for use for pregnant women because of the probable harm to the fetus. Refer to your physician for the prescription to use for your high blood pressure throughout your pregnancy. It has not been proven yet if losartan can pass through breast milk. You may opt to check with your physician before you start breastfeeding. Treatment interactions may increase your chances for serious side effects or change how your medications work.

Your doctor must have the list of all the medicines you are currently using to find out if any of your drugs combined with Losartan is safe. Do not change, start or stop the dosage of your prescriptions without the approval of your doctor.
Some medicines have ingredients that could worsen your heart failure or increase your blood pressure. Pharmacists may inform you on how to use your medication safely. 

How to buy Losartan online?

You can safely purchase Losartan online at Undoctored. You will need to take an online consultation first with a medical physician before your order will be provided. The online consultation will make sure that Losartan is the proper medication suited for your medical situation.  
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