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Orlistat is an effective weight loss medication. By limiting the number of calories your body absorbs, you are forcing your body to take in fewer calories while consuming your normal amount.

Orlistat: The Weight Loss Medicine

Orlistat is a well-known medication indicated for losing weight. Studies claim that it shows better outcomes than when dieting alone. Adults aged 18 and above can take Orlistat and must observe a low fat and reduced-calorie diet for optimum effect.


How does it Work?

Orlistat works by blocking fat absorption so whenever you eat, the fats from food will not be absorbed. Basically, it absorbs the proteins and carbohydrates for your calories, while the fats pass through the body unused. Hence, you are not getting calories from fat.

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How is Orlistat Used?

The 120mg of Orlistat capsules should be taken orally after meals three times a day. But if you skip a meal, you can also skip your Orlistat dose. The reason for such flexibility is because it only works one hour after a meal.   

Where to Buy Weight Loss Medicine in the UK

Orlistat is available in different packages here at our online pharmacy, Undoctored. We are pleased to inform you that we ship overnight on most days of the week. In the checkout page, you will see the estimated time of delivery so you know when to expect it to come. As long as you are in the UK, Undoctored can ship your orders right through your doorstep.  

How Much Weight Can I Lose with Orlistat?

A modest but gradual weight loss of approximately 1 to 2 pounds per week is the expected result for taking Orlistat. Just remember to take it along with the aforementioned dietin order for it to work. For every 2 lost pounds from diet alone, Orlistat will allow you to lose 1 pound more. Furthermore, most consumers who took it lost 5-10 pounds within a 6-month period.   Orlistat targets the blockage of the fat from your meals so your body will not absorb it. As a result, it promotes weight loss in adults and reduces the risk of regaining the weight that was already lost. However, this medicine will not work if not accompanied by a low-calorie diet.  

Orlistat and Xenical: Are they the same? 

Yes. Xenical has a generic name of Orlistat. They are essentially the same. Xenical is essentially the same. Both of them help a person lose weight through blocking the fat absorption in the digestive system. But for hypothyroidism (an endocrine condition), Orlistat (Xenical) is not indicated. Xenical lets you achieve weight loss if you consume low-calorie foods but contains fats, as the body will not absorb it.  

Is Orlistat Effective Enough?

As long as you take it correctly, you can expect to achieve 50% more of weight loss when compared to dieting alone. This is what the clinical studies have used to claim. Sometimes, results are noticeable instantly as fat excretion happens within a few days of taking the medicine. If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 kg/m2 and above, the Orlistat is just right for you. If you have a BMI of 28 kg/m2 with one of the risk factors including high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol, you are still eligible for the medication.  

How does Orlistat work?

As previously mentioned, Orlistat holds a promise to lose around 50% of body fat when combined with a low-calorie diet. This medication reduces approximately 30% of dietary fat consumed. To get the most of this therapy, the consumer must observe a low-fat diet. It is advised that the diet must include fruits and vegetables. The daily protein and carbohydrate intake should also be distributed equally every meal.  

Other Medicines for Weight Loss

There are two other weight loss medicines available at Undoctored:  

Alli Diet Pills

Unlike Xenical and Orlistat, Alli is available at 60mg, half of the common dose of 120mg. Buying Alli without a prescription is allowed in the UK. So If you want to block the fat absorption in your body but have no prescription, try the Alli tablets now. We ship Alli diet pills right to your doorstep without you presenting a prescription.  

Xenical Diet Pills

The branded version for Orlistat is marketed as Xenical. Once you are prescribed with such, you can buy it online here at Undoctored. We process your orders for shipping shortly. In case you are budget conscious, the generic Orlistat is your best bet.
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