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Testogel Sachets

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Testogel Sachets



Testogel is a medicine containing the male hormone, testosterone, which works to replenish the levels for adult men who don’t naturally produce the correct levels.

Testogel Sachets

Testogel is a medication for adult men who cannot naturally produce testosterone, the male hormone. It aims to replenish the male testosterone levels and is sometimes referred to as testosterone gels or simply, Testo Gel.


How does it work?

This gel is specially formulated such that a male testosterone level will increase through skin absorption.

Testosterone Gel Benefits

There are several medical conditions that can be prevented or reversed if normal testosterone levels are regained. Here are few of them:  
  • Infertility
  • Impotence
  • low sex drive
  • depressive moods
  • Tiredness
  • less masculine characteristics
  • bone loss
  • reduced body mass 
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  Aside from the mentioned conditions, low testosterone levels also lead to bad physical shape, negative mental state of health, and intimate relationship problems. Good thing there is Testogel sachets to boost testosterone levels used to restore masculine characteristics and sexual drive.  

Using Testogel

Before you can buy Testogel, you need to undergo two blood testosterone measurements and must show some symptoms before your physician will write you a prescription. Once you have it, follow the instruction or advice of your doctor. You may opt to read the patient information that comes within the medication package.   

Since Testogel is a topical medicine, apply it preferably in the morning at the same time daily. Spread it into a dry skin gently, particularly over the arms, shoulders, or stomach. Refrain from applying it over the private area because high levels of Testogel may cause irritation.   Upon applying the gel, let it dry for at least 3 minutes. Then cover it with clean clothes. Wash hands thoroughly thereafter.

Testosterone Supplements

You may consider using testogel if you are aiming to achieve one of its benefits. Although it is not the same as other oral supplement capsules, it is still formulated to boost the male testosterone levels.  

Testogel Dosing

The usual or recommended dose for Testogel is 5g daily. This is equivalent to 50mg of testosterone. Sometimes, your doctor may adjust it for you by up to 10g of gel daily (equivalent to 100mg. Dosing adjustment is affected by several factors like age and level of testosterone.   If you missed a dose for the day, do not double it up on the next day to cover up the missed dose. If you think you have used Testogel more than you should, contact your doctor right away and do not stop the therapy unless otherwise advised.  

Buy Testosterone Gel Online

Testo Gel is available online at Undoctored for those who have a prescription. If you don’t have one, our online medical consultation has got your back! Once you are good to go, you can place your order and we can supply it. This step ensures that Testogel is just right for your overall health condition.
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