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Trimethoprim is an antibiotic to treat bacterial infections. It is suitable for the treatment of acute urinary and other bacterial infections. It is a not a treatment for viral infections such as the common cold and flu.

The Use of Trimethoprim

Trimethoprim is an antibiotic medication indicated for bacterial infections such as acute urinary tract infections. It does not treat the flu and common colds because they are caused by viruses. The long-term efficiency of all antibiotics including trimethoprim decreases when they are overused or misused.     

How Trimethoprim Works

A bacterium grows and multiplies by self-generating genetic requirements such as folic acid for its cells to work. If humans obtain folic acid from the food that we eat, bacteria creates it within themselves. Trimethoprim will then stop the folate synthesis inside the bacteria. In the absence of folate, the bacteria are unable to survive because genetic materials necessary for bacterial growth are not produced.

By preventing them in the synthesis of folate, trimethoprim then prevents further bacterial infection in our body. The bacteria will eventually die. This is how Trimethoprim works.
  Your doctor would want to make sure that trimethoprim is effective for the bacterial infection present in your body before prescribing it. To do this, he or she may take a small tissue from the infected area and culture the bacteria found in the sample. After some time, the cultured bacterial will be examined for identification.  

Benefits and Advantages of taking Trimethoprim

When an infection is caused by a bacteria susceptible to trimethoprim, taking trimethoprim therapy will cause the bacteria to deprive themselves from generating folic acid. As a result, the bacteria will not grow and multiply.   Trimethoprim arrests the infection by stopping the growth, multiplication and even re-infection of the bacteria.  

If a certain bacteria did not respond to trimethoprim therapy, this means that the causative agent of the infection is resistant to trimethoprim and the treatment will not be successful.   Trimethoprim is effective in stopping the growth and multiplication of bacteria that caused the infection.  

How to use Trimethoprim

To be taken orally, trimethoprim comes in tablet and suspension forms. It is best taken 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals. Its recommended dose, frequency, and duration of the treatment varies according to the severity of the infection. Dosage adjustments are also observed for elderlies and patients with low kidney function.   Always follow the instructions from your doctor. If you have to clarify something, you can also check the overall instructions in taking trimethoprim printed in the drug leaflets inserted at the medication package.  

Trimethoprim is best taken at a regular time of interval. This is because your body tends to expect the same level of drug in your plasma. But if you miss to take one dose, take it right away as long as it is not close to the time of the next dose. If it does, just skip it and carry on.   As long as you are doing good with the medication, don't stop the prescribed treatment even if you are already feeling good. This is because there is a much greater chance of the infection from coming back when it is stopped too soon. This is the so-called antibiotic resistance, where a simple bacteria becomes stronger due to medication misuse.  

Trimethoprim Proper Dosing

This orally-active medication is taken every 12 hours or 2 times a day, before or after meals.  

Clinical Indications for Trimethoprim

Water infections - 200 mg every 12 hours or two times a day. Loading dose or first dose of 400 mg 2x a day may be required on the first day.   Prophylaxis or prevention of infection - 100 mg tablet daily.   Cystitis or inflammation of the bladder (usually appears after coitus) - 1 time dose of 100 mg.   For acne infection - 300 mg every 12 hours or two times a day but the doctor may order to reduce the dose after sometime.   Some factors, including age, kidney function, poor liver function, and pre-existing conditions, may affect Trimethoprim dosing. Elderly patients with kidney problems generally require dose adjustment to prevent toxicity.  

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