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Malarone is a combination medication that contains two medicines: atovaquone and proguanil. It is used for the prevention and treatment of malaria caused by the bites of Anopheles mosquitoes.

Malarone: What is it?

A combination of two medicines known as atovaquone and proguanil, Malarone is prescribed to some patients to prevent and treat malaria which is caused by mosquito bites normally called Anopheles. Through mosquito bites, malaria parasites can enter our body and will live in our body tissues like red blood cells. Malarone is related to a group of medications called antimalarials.

Malarone and how it works

Combined with two medications, Malarone takes charge of killing P. falciparum, a parasite that usually causes malaria. While other antimalarial medications failed, Malarone is proven to be the effective one. 

Malarone and its benefits

Mainly, the benefit of taking Malarone is to treat or prevent malaria by eliminating the parasites that usually cause the disease. With this medication, alone or in combination with other medication, treatment of malaria becomes successful when other medications failed.

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How to use it

Take the Malarone accurately as directed by the doctor. To be taken orally with food or a fat-containing milk drink, this is how Malarone should be taken. If you vomit within an hour of taking a dose then you should repeat taking it. If vomiting continues after taking Malarone, call your doctor straight away because he might need to change and prescribe different antimalarial medication.

You must swallow the tablet whole because Malarone has a bitter taste. Chewing of the tablet is not recommended. If you are having trouble swallowing tablets, then you can crush the tablet and blend it with condensed milk. Do not save a portion of the mixture to be used later. The entire mixture should be consumed immediately.    Whether you are taking this medication to prevent or to treat malaria, your dosage of Malarone will still be based on your medical condition and your response to treatment. For children, the dosage of Malarone is based on their body weight. If you skip taking Malarone as scheduled, you may take the dose immediately once you recall.

However, if you recall that you skipped a dose and it is close to your next dose, just skip the missed one and continue with the next in time dose. Taking a double dose to make up for the missed dose is not recommended. You may also ask for advice from your Doctor if you are not sure what to take after missing a dose. 
This medication should be protected from light and moisture, must be out of reach of children, and be stored at room temperature. 

Malarone and its dosage

A Malarone tablet is a combination of 100 mg of proguanil and 250 mg of atovaquone. The usual dosage for the prophylaxis of malaria is one tablet of Malarone, taken by mouth, once a day, one to two days before traveling to a malaria-endemic zone, and must be continued for up to 7 days after return. The usual dose for the treatment of malaria is 4 tablets of Malarone for 3 days and is taken by mouth.

Malarone: its side effects & precautions

Malarone, the same with other medications, can also cause undesirable side effects. Not every person who uses Malarone has the same possible side effects. Weakness, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, and abdominal pain are the usual side effects of this kind of medication. You may immediately call your doctor if the side effects continue or get worse.

Signs of severe infection, signs of serious liver problems, and signs of anemia are some of the serious side effects wherein if you experience these, you have to inform your doctor immediately.  This medication seldom causes a severe allergic reaction. Immediate medical attention is needed if you have symptoms of an allergic response such as severe dizziness, trouble breathing, rash or itching or swelling of the tongue/throat/face. Any other side effects which you firmly believe are associated with the use of this medication can be reported to your doctor. 

If you are allergic to the active components of this medication such as atovaquone or proguanil, or any other allergies, you have to inform your doctor first before you start taking this medication. The inactive components of this medication may sometimes produce an allergic reaction or some other complications. Share with your doctor your medical history before taking this medication, especially if you have mental or mood problems, kidney or liver problems, seizures, current vomiting, and current diarrhea. Malarone can make you feel so dizzy.

Marijuana use or Consumption of alcohol can make you dizzier. Do not perform a task that requires alertness, do not operate machinery or drive a vehicle, unless you are certain that you can do it safely and sound. Discuss with your doctor your use of Marijuana and Limit your alcoholic beverages intake.
Doxycycline is another proven effective anti-malarial medication. This can be bought at Undoctored. This medication is not suitable for intake by pregnant women.

However, the doctor can still prescribe this drug when it is deemed necessary. Traveling to an area where Malaria is pandemic should be avoided by pregnant women as she and her unborn baby have a higher risk of death or other complications. During pregnancy, the benefits and risks of taking this medication must be discussed first with your Doctor. 
It is still not proven if the atovaquone component of this medication can pass into breast milk and if it has some effects on a nursing baby. The proguanil in this combined medication passes into breast milk through the effect on the nursing infant is still unknown.

The use of such medication is not suggested for breastfeeding mothers, most especially if the weight of the infant is less than 11 pounds. Before breastfeeding, discuss with your doctor the risk and benefits of this medication. 
Medication interactions may modify how they work or aggravate the risk of side effects. Inform your doctor of the names of all medications you are taking to verify your safety. Some products such as metoclopramide, blood thinners, or penicillamine may react together with this medication. Some medications, such as efavirenz, rifampin, or tetracycline, can affect the elimination of Malarone from your system, which greatly affects how the medicine will work.

Where can I buy Malarone online?

Malarone is available online at Undoctored. Seek online consultation with a medical doctor first before your order will be provided. An online consultation will make sure that Malarone is suitable for your condition. 
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