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Spiolto Respimat

  • Prevents breathlessness
  • Effective when taken every day
  • Treats asthma and COPD
  • Genuine medication
  • All medication sourced in the UK

Spiolto Respimat


When treating COPD, Spiolto Respimat helps to prevent breathlessness, and works to reduce the number of sudden attacks. The active ingredient in the medication (a bronchodilator) becomes effectual when taken every day, working to relax the muscles in the lungs and airways, making it easier for air to get in and out.

Spiolto Respimat and Its Use

Spiolto Respimat is a medication indicated for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchitis and emphysema.


How does it work?

The Spiolto Respimat helps patients by minimizing the number of sudden episodes of breathlessness associated with COPD.   The active ingredients of Spiolto Respimat are Toitropium and Olodaterol, both work together as bronchodilators. It shows good results when used daily as it relaxes the smooth muscles both in the lungs and airways. This, in turn, makes it easier to inhale and exhale.  

Spiolto Respimat and Its Benefits

COPD can be truly debilitating for most patients especially because it hinders daily activities. The onset of pain when breathing or breathlessness can be troublesome too.   These clinical conditions are relieved by taking Spiolto Respimat. It also shows greater effectiveness when you continue its use day by day.   This unique formulation is designed to be a good prophylaxis or preventative medicine. It does not fix acute or sudden attacks of wheezing and breathlessness.

If you encounter such events, use the fast-acting or “rescue” inhaler instead. 
  Your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist can counsel you on how to use this inhaler properly before starting out on this medication. It has a mouthpiece on top, a cap to cover the mouthpiece when not in use, and a display indicator in the front to see how many doses are still available.

To correctly administer the medicine, hold the inhaler in the upright position. Move the clear base towards the direction of the arrows. If you hear a click, you are doing it right. Then open the cap. Breathe out away from the inhaler. Place the inhaler in your mouth, pointing away from the back of your throat. Close your lips snugly around it.   Breathe in the mist steadily as you press the dose-release button, holding your breath for at least 10 seconds. Remove the inhaler first from your mouth before you breathe out slowly. For the second puff, just repeat these steps.

Don't forget to close the cap when you are done. After every use, rinse your mouth out to remove the leftover residue from the medication as it can leave you with an altered taste and oral thrush.

Spiolto Respimat Dosing

Spiolto Respimat contains tiotropium and olodaterol as its active ingredient. It is formulated in 2.5/2.5 micrograms (mcg) strength respectively.   Its general recommended dose is two puffs daily, preferably at the same time of the day since the effects are expected to last for 24 hours. Do not try to modify the dose that your doctor prescribed you with.

Because this medicine is designed to be a preventative and long-term treatment for COPD and similar illnesses, it’s highly recommended to take it daily and not just on episodes of difficulty in breathing.   In case you missed a dose of Spiolto Respimat, it is alright to skip it and proceed to the next dose. Don’t attempt to double up the next one to cover up for the missed dose.

If you took more Spiolto Respimat than your prescribed dose or frequency, call your doctor or pharmacist right away to prevent possible side effects due to overdose like tachycardia or faster heart beating, xerostomia or dry mouth, and visual impairment.  

Precautions & Side effects  

Prior to using Spiolto Respimat, a medical consult is always advised. If you have an allergy to olodaterol, tiotropium, atropine, oxitropium, and ipratropium, you must avoid taking Spiolto Respimat or at least be cautious about it.   Spiolto Respimat prescribing may also be adjusted by your physician if you have the following factors: 

  • asthma (as this medicine is not its best treat option)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • Thyrotoxicosis (problem in the thyroid gland) 
  • Aneurysm (the artery widens abnormally) 
  • Diabetes
  • Severe hepatic (liver) impairment
  • Renal (kidney) impairment such as difficulty in urination
  • Scheduled surgery
  • Narrow-angle glaucoma (an eye problem) 
  • Prostate problems


Just like most medications, Spiolto Respimat can also encounter drug-to-drug interactions. To be particular, here are a list of medications that this medicine can be affected with:

  • medicines with active ingredients that are also present in Spiolto Respimat
  • beta blockers (e.g. Propranolol) intended for high blood pressure
  • medicines that minimize potassium in your blood
  • Anti-asthma drugs like theophylline
  • medicines that act on the central nervous systems such as antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anti-parkinsonism
  If you are taking at least one of the aforementioned medications, inform your doctor so he can adjust the dose of Spiolto Respimat or find an alternative which will work best for you.   Remember that Spiolto Respimat should be a constant treatment. Thus, it should not be used solely if sudden breathlessness happens. In cases of acute attacks, use the fast-acting or “rescue” inhaler instead.  

Pregnancy & Lactation

For pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, Spiolto Respimat is not generally recommended. Consult your doctor first before starting out this medication. Your doctor will decide if another treatment is better for your condition.

Side Effects

The most notable side effects of Spiolto Respimat are the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping)  
  • Hypertension
  • Headache
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Tachycardia (faster heart beat)
  • Palpitations (profound heart beat)
  • Coughing
  • Constipation
  • Hoarseness or voice
  Should you experience any of these side effects, call your doctor immediately to prevent worsening of the condition. Watch out for unwanted side effects such as difficulty of breathing, swelling of the face and mouth and rashes.  

On Buying Spiolto Respimat Online

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